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Chavruta LIVE in Johannesburg


In Johannesburg with Yosef Shneor!

Kabbalists teach us that the way we experience our life is a direct reflection of our relationship with the Light – no more, no less.

In this Chavruta we will study from kabalistic texts about the 3 levels (or channels) of relationship we can have with the Light, the effect each of them has on our life and what tools we have to assist us in growing our connection to The Light, thus improving the quality of our life.

Chavruta is an Aramaic word meaning "friendship" or "companionship". It is a traditional approach to spiritual study in which a pair or a group of students analyze, discuss, and debate a shared text.

Unlike conventional classroom learning, in which a teacher lectures to the student, chavruta learning is a more engaging and interactive form of study. It allows the teacher to guide students and lead them through the depths of the texts; question, defend, convince, amend, fine-tune, and even arrive at new conclusions through rigorous intellectual collaboration.

In fact, chavruta provides not only an educational experience, but even more so a social one.

Join us for a fun and experiential learning experience, as we delve into kabbalistic teachings together.

Wednesday, October 17 2018 at 19:00

Doors open: 18:30

Location: Protea Wanderers Hotel, Corner Corlett Drive and Rudd Rd., Illovo

Price: Pre-registration price: 250 Rand 
Same day registration: 300 Rand* 
*Pre-registration price ends at 23:59 on October 16


Prerequisite: Kabbalah 1