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David Zakin

Born and raised in Israel, David has since travelled to more than 30 countries worldwide through his personal and professional endeavors.

After serving his country in a special military unit, David studied many spiritual philosophies and practices before finding his purpose in the sharing of kabbalistic wisdom.

It was in Los Angeles, where he lived for 13 years, that David first began studying the ancient wisdom with world-renowned Kabbalists Rav & Karen Berg of the Kabbalah Centre.

Through his growing understanding of kabbalistic concepts and their practical application in today’s world, David began to build a successful and flourishing business career based on spiritual principles. David’s corporate experience includes architectural design, development and real estate investment.

It wasn’t long before David made the commitment to dedicate himself to the goal of becoming a Kabbalah teacher, in order to share what he had learnt about the tools of success with others.

Fast forward 9 years, where David has now established himself as a dynamic, receptive and supportive teacher, who has nurtured students from Miami to Argentina, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Houston and more, to become leaders in their own lives and within their communities. David’s students appreciate his down-to-earth nature, clarity and passionate support, as they work with him in partnership to create the lives they envision for themselves and their families.

In his latest role as Kabbalah Teacher for South Africa, David is set to provide his new students with the foundation they need to reach their most brilliant potential.

Let a personal Kabbalah Teacher help you get on the right path, and teach you how to get the most out of your life.

Kabbalah is an ancient universal wisdom with modern practical applications. For the last 40 years, The Kabbalah Centre has been leading the way,

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We offer unique, life-changing Kabbalistic practices and methodologies in over 60 countries, in more than 32 languages. Our goal is that this wisdom be made available to you, wherever you are in the world.

Your personal Kabbalah Teacher is the best way to learn how to apply this practical life-changing wisdom to your life.

All our teachers have studied under the strict guidance, and been certified by the leading Kabbalists of our time. They are trained to help you chart a personal path towards manifesting your true purpose.

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