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Originally from Haifa, Israel, Yosef Shneor was searching for meaning after a painful personal event in his life.
In 1997, he found a flyer for The Kabbalah Centre in the street, and with it, he found his answers. As a landscape architect in Israel, he managed many big projects. However, in 2002, he realized that his true calling was as a Kabbalah Teacher.


Striving constantly to become his best self, he works tirelessly for the Light, believing in the power the tools of Kabbalah offer to bring about personal transformation, and seeing his students’ lives change right before his eyes. In addition to his deep study of Kabbalah, Yosef likes to write poems and draw. He currently lives in Israel with his wife and son.


Let a personal Kabbalah Teacher help you get on the right path, and teach you how to get the most out of your life.

Kabbalah is an ancient universal wisdom with modern practical applications. For the last 40 years, The Kabbalah Centre has been leading the way,

            "….bringing a rarefied branch of Kabbalah out of the shadows."

We offer unique, life-changing Kabbalistic practices and methodologies in over 60 countries, in more than 32 languages. Our goal is that this wisdom be made available to you, wherever you are in the world.

Your personal Kabbalah Teacher is the best way to learn how to apply this practical life-changing wisdom to your life.

All our teachers have studied under the strict guidance, and been certified by the leading Kabbalists of our time. They are trained to help you chart a personal path towards manifesting your true purpose.

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