How to Series - 2nd workshop | Kabbalah Centre South Africa

How to Series - 2nd workshop


The study of Kabbalah offers you a wealth of knowledge, but sometimes understanding how to put these principles into practice might be challenging. The HOW-TO monthly workshops are designed specifically to help you apply kabbalistic wisdom on a practical, everyday level, and put kabbalistic tools and concepts to use!

During each experiential class, you will discover how to apply the theoretical knowledge you've acquired in your studies to your life. We will cover subjects such as: Handling challenges, The Journey of Our Soul, Recognizing and overcoming our limiting belief system, Creating a miraculous life, and more.

Join us for the second workshop in the series: The Journey of Our Soul: Why are we here?

Wednesday, August 1 at 19:00

Doors open at 18:30
Location: Protea Wanderers Hotel, Corner Corlett Drive and Rudd Rd., Illovo
Price:   360 Rand
  SPECIAL OFFER! Only 180 Rand (50% off!) if you have purchased the Power of Kabbalah Basic course
*Prerequisite: Kabbalah Basic course