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Israel Trip 2018

Reboot for Your Soul

September 16, 2018 - September 23, 2018

Yom Kippur and Rav’s Day of Elevation in Israel!

The Kabbalah Centre has a long tradition of hosting spiritual energy trips to the Holy land, visiting the resting places of the great righteous souls of our lineage.

This September we will experience Israel at its fullest, visiting Jerusalem, Safed and Tel Aviv!

We will begin our trip in the sacred sites of Jerusalem and its surroundings, continue to Tel Aviv, where we will also celebrate the powerful connection of Yom Kippur. After the holiday we will continue to the north of Israel where we will have the merit to connect to the power of Tzadikim (righteous souls) and the tremendous light they have revealed, and fill our new vessel with an abundance of blessings.

The culmination of our trip will be the Rav’s Day of Elevation in Safed!

This trip will be a perfect opportunity for new students who have never visited these sites before, as well as for those who have traveled with us before.

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