The Journey of your Soul – Phase I | Kabbalah Centre South Africa

The Journey of your Soul – Phase I

Based on the kabbalistic system of the Four Phases, the 2018 study path is a new and unique four-level structure of study, designed especially to guide you in your spiritual process.

The Four Phases are the process our soul undergoes to develop, acknowledge and manifest its true desire. The ultimate goal of this year’s journey is to help each one of us discover and connect to the unique greatness of our soul, build our spiritual vessel and prepare it for the next level of our spiritual growth and realize how we can create the life we want and have an impact on the world.

In Phase 1 you will learn what the source of our souls is and how to discover your uniqueness; what is spiritual time management and how you can make every moment count; how to connect to a great desire and motivation to fulfill your potential to the fullest and more!

Starting Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 21:00

6 Classes | Every Wednesday


Language: English