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Pesach With Karen and Michael Berg in Los Angeles

When we celebrate Pesach, we are celebrating the beginning of creativity in the world.
In kabbalistic terms, ‘freedom’ is the absence of coercion from the ego. A powerful cosmic window, Pesach is a time to free ourselves of the fears and doubts that cloud our ability to truly listen to the desire of our soul. When we connect with the tremendous energy provided by Pesach, our soul is free.

Historically, Pesach is known as the celebration of the miraculous departure of the Israelites from Egypt. Kabbalah teaches that Egypt symbolizes our spiritual limitations. The Ari taught that we are still stuck in Egypt when we ignore the calling of our soul.

Pesach allows us to tap into a force of energy that frees us from limitations of the ego so that we may know and experience the infinite nature of our soul. We invite you to join us for this immensely powerful connection as we draw growth and rejuvenation into our lives. This is the gift of Pesach: Ultimate freedom.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel | 9500 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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