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Shabat Pinchas

Friday, July 14th - Saturday, July 15th     

 “Kabbalah teaches that no one BEYOND OURSELVES is needed in order for the restoration of health to occur. We can become our own healers.” 
– The Power of You, Rav Berg

Pinchas was a revered healer who was personally responsible for the removal of a plague that claimed 24,000 lives. Shabbat Pinchas is known for its unrivaled power to promote health and wellbeing. Kabbalists teach that as we read the story of Pinchas, we tap into the reservoirs of healing energy that Pinchas himself channeled during his lifetime.

On Shabbat Pinchas, we learn about his amazing life and achievements, because in his story we find tremendous codes and conduits for tapping into reservoirs of healing spiritual energy. On this day, a special window of opportunity opens, providing healing energy that can empower your physical and spiritual DNA with greater health and immunity to negative influences.

Join us in the single most powerful healing experience of the year.

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