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Spark Online Magazine

Hot off the presses, the new edition of SPARK Magazine, The Kabbalah Centre Report, is now available online! Presented in a sleek digital format, the Pesach 2015 edition of SPARK e-magazine is ready for viewing on your home computers, tablets and smart phones.

SPARK Magazine provides news and updates on current and ongoing Kabbalah Centre events and projects, highlights of recent happenings within the Centre, and an array of accounts from members of the community.

This edition of SPARK delves into the Centre’s recent charitable work in Haiti and Sri Lanka while also exploring upgrades and updates to Centre initiatives like Kabbalah Children’s Academy and Kids Creating Peace. Inspirational words from Karen and Michael Berg are also featured in this issue, as well as behind-the-scenes looks at the Moscow Centre and chevre David Ghiyam.

We once again welcome you to (digitally) flip through our pages with the hope that you will come away feeling more knowledgeable about, and ultimately more connected to, The Kabbalah Centre.